Writing a Synopsis for a Novel

null (3)I cannot think of a more arduous task or dreaded task the Reading the synopsis for a novel. The synopsis in general terms is writing a summary of what your book is about from the beginning to the end. That should not be mixed up for the sales copy. The sales copy is something different and it’s something that should get your readers excited about reading the book. The synopsis is more of a summary and is not for sales purposes.

The goals of your synopsis

Both of your synopsis is to unfold what your characters are concerned about. You want to reveal the core conflicts and what is behind it. You must also reveal how the conflict is resolved. If you stick to these basic rules, you’re right a great synopsis.

Do not make the following mistakes– Provide your own opinions or explanations. It is not your job to interpret the meaning of the story. Also, avoid writing much about characters backstory. Finally don’t include character dialogue.

Stick to these few basics of writing your synopsis and you won’t make the common pitfalls many new writers seem to encounter.

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