Marketing and Advertising for Publishers

Marketing and Advertisting for PublishersMany publishers are missing the mark when it comes to their marketing efforts. A common question that I get asked is- how does one promote and advertise a new book and make it a bestseller? Many a small publishing companies run into advertising problems due to lack of knowledge and low-budget. We have been lucky enough to have a full-time marketer on our staff and want to share their insights with you today.

Facebook ads

One great tool is to use Facebook to promote a new book. Using the ads manager and Facebook is one way. You can create ad campaigns that target a selective audience such as those on Facebook in a certain geographical area and those with certain interests. This way you can really hone down who your ad is going to be shown to. We found this form of marketing highly effective.

Social media contests
Great associate media contest on Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter. You can have audience members choose the title of the next book or simply like the post in order to receive a free copy of the novel.

Web 2.0 properties

Create supporting pages as an offshoot of your main website. You can use these websites to target keywords related to your new published book. Examples of Web 2.0 properties include weeblies and blogspot pages. You can even utilize SEO to help promote these pages. Check out an example of a Web 2.0 by checking out this Cleveland SEO Expert. 


YouTube is a powerful marketing tool. Create videos promoting your new published works and promote these videos around the web. Did you know that you two videos are fairly easy to rank in the Google search engines because they have a lot of trust and power?

We will write more about this topic and later blog posts. For now, we hope he steps of been helpful for you and hope you’re publishing business Flourish.


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